How to create a better work environment

Posted on: 21 July 2016

Whether you run a tiny start-up with just a couple of employees or operate a large, well-established company with dozens of staff members, it's important to put some effort into creating a work environment that is both comfortable and conducive to productivity. Here are some of the ways that you can do this.

Improve the air quality

A poorly-ventilated workspace is likely to be very stuffy and have high levels of air pollutants. This can not only negatively affect your employees' health, but can also leave them feeling lethargic and less able to do their jobs to their full potential. As such, it is absolutely crucial to ensure that you do what you can to improve the air quality of your commercial space.

The first and perhaps most effective way to achieve this is to enlist the help of a company that provides air quality services; they can advise you on the best solutions for your particular work space. Installing a new ventilation system can be quite expensive, but the benefits of such an investment far outweigh the costs involved.

In addition to this, it's also a good idea to make sure that your workplace is cleaned regularly; ideally, on a daily basis, as computer equipment and other technology commonly used in commercial work venues tend to produce a large quantity of dust, which can cause problems for employees who have dust mite allergies or breathing issues, such as asthma.

Lastly, consider purchasing a few real plants for your work space. Whilst they do require more care than their artificial counterparts, living plants do a lot more than just enhance your office's aesthetic; they can also increase the amount of oxygen in the air and absorb certain types of pollutants.

Invest in ergonomic furniture

A lot of new business owners tend to scrimp on office furniture, often choosing the cheapest styles of chairs and tables available. However, this is a false economy which can cost you a great deal of time and money later down the line, as poorly-designed seating can cause back, neck and posture issues for their employees, forcing them to take sick leave which can also wreak financial havoc on your business.

To avoid this type of issue, invest in ergonomic chairs, tables and wrists rests for your staff; this will dramatically reduce the likelihood of them suffering from work-related health issues such as Repetitive Strain Injury, sciatica and compressed discs.