Consider These Factors When Choosing the Ideal Location for Your Skip Bin

Posted on: 7 November 2016

To get the most value from your skip hire, you need to choose the ideal placement location for your skip bin. Moving a skip bin requires experience and the use of specialised equipment to prevent damage to the bin. For this reason, your skip bin company will recommend that you choose a convenient location that will be easily accessed. Here are some of the things that you should consider so that you can choose the ideal skip bin location for your waste disposal needs.

Purpose of the skip bin

The sole purpose of a hiring skip bin is for waste disposal. However, the kind of waste that you wish to dispose of will help you determine an ideal location. You may be hiring a skip bin when moving out of your home, for yard cleaning, renovation, or for daily household waste disposal. You need to make sure that it's placed in a convenient location for the desired purpose. For instance, if you need a bin for yard cleaning, it will be more effective if the skip bin is placed near the yard to avoid long multiple trips. For a home renovation, have the bin near the renovation site. Choose a location that's most convenient depending on the use of the skip bin.

Slope of the ground

The slope of the ground on the intended location may qualify or disqualify it for skip bin placement. A skip bin cannot be placed on sloping ground due to the risk of toppling over and causing injury to individuals or damage to property. It should be placed on level ground to ensure that it sits firmly on the ground. If the preferred location doesn't have a level ground, you can make arrangements to have it leveled so that you don't have to worry about the bin toppling over due to the weight of the waste materials.

Surrounding environment

Skip bin companies may discourage you from placing your skip bin near overhanging tree branches and power lines. If overhanging tree branches break because of weakness or during a storm, they can fall on the skip bin and damage it. Depending on your agreement with the hiring company, you may be forced to pay for these damages, and this will increase the cost of hire. Also, having your skip bin near or below power lines can be dangerous if there's an unforeseen circumstance that could cause electric wiring to come into contact with the bin or any of its contents that might be conductors.

Before hiring a skip bin, it is important that you determine an ideal location based on these factors. This will save you time during the delivery process and allow you to get the  most value from the skip hire process.